Different Ways the Look of Aging Can be Reduced

Different Ways the Look of Aging Can be Reduced

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Whether you want to admit it or not, aging is an inevitable part of life and it often has a drastic impact on the way someone can look. People get wrinkles, grey hair, vision, and hearing can be impacted, etc. However, the good news is that there are some preventative measures that you can take in order to prevent the look of aging.

Reduce Aging by Being Safe in the Sun

You may like to have fun in the sun now, but the impact it can have on a person’s aging process can be drastic. Too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles, cataracts, muscle spasms or pains, and even cancer. So, slow the aging process down and avoid all of this by always wearing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and by limiting your time under the sun.

Don’t Smoke or Drink

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Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking are both known to speed up the aging process. The nicotine in a cigarette prevents the skin from getting oxygen, resulting in wrinkles and dullness. Similarly, speeds up a person’s aging process by reducing collagen (a protein that strengthens the skin) production as a result of being both inflammatory and dehydrating.

Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

According to The Skincare Edit, “During sleep, our bodies go into repair mode—and that includes the skin. Because the most restorative functions happen around 1am, during deep sleep, it’s important to get to bed early.”

Eat Plenty of Foods That are High in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is key when it comes to repairing skin tissues and producing collagen. You can find vitamin A in foods such as milk, eggs, cream, liver, and butter.

Take the Time to Lower Your Stress Levels

To combat stress the human body releases chemicals and hormones that will result in the aging process being sped up on a cellular level. To prevent this, make sure you’re taking enough time to destress whether that means you’re sitting down and reading a book, meditation, going on a walk, etc., take the time to do these activities that allow you to wind down.

Reduce Aging by Drinking Enough Water

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Water is one of those things where it seems like the list of positive impacts it can have are never-ending. Water not only keeps you hydrated, feeling healthy and youthful, it also slows down the aging process. By drinking enough water, you are preventing the look of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. It is often recommended that people should be drinking about eight glasses a day along with foods that have a high water content.

Physical Activity

You may have hated gym class as a kid but it may have paid off more than you think. By partaking in daily physical activity, you are not only stretching your body which will make you look and feel healthy but at the same time, your body is releasing positive endorphins that will cause you to feel healthy as well.

Time for a Face Mask

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Using a face mask about once a week will have a positive impact on your skin in more way than one. Face masks help slow down the aging process since they are known to clean the skin, hydrate the skin, reduce pore sizes and moisturize the skin, all of which result in more youthful and healthier looking skin.


According to the Anti-Aging Guide: “A very simple to prevent the signs of aging is to use an over the counter product with Retinol. Retinol is very effective in lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can buy such a product from chemist and beauty shops. Use this product on your face after washing and drying your skin, but never use any moisturizer or other makeup items.”


There are many different ways to minimize the look of aging and this article only highlighted a few examples. Other ways to hide the reality of aging can be achieved through different treatments offered by certified professionals.

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Some information used in the article was found on The Skincare Edit, Reader’s Digest, and the Anti-Aging Guide.